Job Description

Brinja is looking for a digital marketer with a positive, can-do attitude, and eager to understand how to sell anything to anyone via the internet.

The right candidate will be running digital campaigns through different platforms in order to identify:

  • The ideal channel, or more promising one, to market effectively our target customers.

  • The most appealing messaging, content, that generated the most clicks, leads, or customer acquisitions.

The ideal candidate has worked or is willing to practice and learn fast the following channels:

  • Linkedin Marketing Solutions

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Digital magazines

  • Direct mailing

The duration of the project is around 4 weeks (part or full time depending of the applicant profile). We are growing so we are looking for people who wants to work after this task too. Swedish is a must as we are communicating to the Swedish market.

We are all humans, so don’t be a stranger and call us if you have questions: Xavier Leon career@brinja.se +46728733982

In order to apply please feel free to do what you think it is best. Surprise us. Send us your CV, video clip, Linkedin profile, own website, etc. We are believers of proactivity instead of perfect written letters. Anyone can do anything they set their mind to it.