We are looking for our new digital wizard, fluent in Swedish to accelerate our growth in Sweden, and great plus if you know any other nordic language and/or german.

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About Brinja 

Brinja started as a spin-off from Qamcom Research and Technology, and together with Chalmers Ventures, the company began its mission to increase safety on construction sites. With our innovative cloud solution, we save lives as well as money for our customers. The company is customer-driven and thrives on relationships development. Our passion is to enable technologies to create a new standard in safety, health and security within high-risk workplaces.

Since the beginning of the company, we understood that accomplishing such a bold goal, as saving lives, requires a lot muscle, and knowledge sharing from the customer. That is why we have been listening and communicating with the customer since day one. In order to deliver our promise, we need customers feedback but also great new team members who are eager to transform this industry.

Job description

Design campaigns from content creation (E.g., animation, infographics, white-paper, etc according the chosen channel) to effective and measurable “Call Of Action”.

Run multi campaigns through different channels (E.g., Google ads, Linkedin ads, among others) in order to generate leads.

Research the ideal messaging that attract customer attention and align to our value proposal.

Analyse indicators that can impact the growth of the business.

Ideal candidate should have or is eager to learn the following:

Knowledge of digital platforms such as Linkedin marketing solutions, Google ads, etc.

Great written communication skills, and eager to write powerful tag lines.

Goal oriented and sales drive. At the end, the campaigns should generate leads.

Thrives to work within a start-up environment

The company is offering the following:

Amazing growth opportunity. The sky is the limit! Literally. We are in our acceleration phase where anything can happen. Our ambition is to dominate the Swedish market, and along this goal we will expand internationally.

We will offer you a temporary position but with great potential of continuing, and why not even offer a long term career. We are looking for the right person who can run the team in the near future.

This is the right place for someone who wants to transform an industry and contribute to a great cause of bringing workers home safe.

how to apply to the position

We are all humans, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us 0728 73 39 82. Please send your CV to apply for the position