We are looking for our new core hardware specialist to drive the transformation of IoT solutions to the construction industry. Swedish is good to have


About Brinja 

Brinja was started as a spin-off from Qamcom Research and Technology, and together with Chalmers Ventures, begun the company with the mission to increase safety on construction sites. With our innovative cloud solution, we save lives as well as money for our customers. The company is customer-driven and thrives on relationships development. Our passion is to enable technologies to create a new standard in safety, health and security within high-risk workplaces.

Since the beginning of the company, we understood that accomplishing such a bold goal, as saving lives, requires a lot muscle, and knowledge sharing from the customer. That is why we have been listening to the customer since day one. In order to deliver our promise, we need customers feedback but also great new team members who are eager to transform this industry.

Job description

Brinja is looking for a talented young engineer, passionate about making a difference in a fast-growing company. For this position, we need an electrical engineer with knowledge in electrical design, manufacturing and testing. ·      

We are in growth phase so you should be prepared to get involved in the whole design-evaluation-production chain. Tasks can range from designing an electronic board, developing a code or improving an existing code, building a demo, and among other tasks.

Ideal candidate should have:

·       PCB schematics

·       PCB layout

·       Digital design

·       Assembly

We work with open source software for our designs and it is advantageous, but not required, if you are familiar with KiCad. You should be well organised and able to manage all parts of the design process, including documentation, testing and certification.

You should be comfortable with programming (C ideal) and software design due to our cloud solution.

It is good if you are experienced in soldering and building electronic hardware.

In addition you have worked with sensors in theoretical, research or commercial level.

One big plus to complement the team is if you have experience with process flow and great organisation skills. Plus great if you have an understanding and want to manage suppliers

The company is offering the following:

We offer a great possibility to grow together with a fast and innovative start-up where you can make a big impact, a stimulating work environment and a fast pace towards a market leading position in a new and important field. The sky is the limit! Our solution continues to grow with input from customers. The platform we have built offers great possibilities for innovation and added features and customer value.

One of the main benefits of this job will be that you will be directly impacting the development of our solution. In a short time your product will reach market, and in the near future mass production.

An incredible opportunity to contribute to a needed change within the industry.

how to apply to the position

We are all humans, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us 0728 73 39 82. Please send your CV to apply for the position xavier.leon@brinja.se