Brinja is an innovative tech company dedicated to and passionate about improving safety for construction workers. Our specialized technology has been developed to detect risk factors and significantly improve emergency response time in high-risk work environments. Established in early 2017, we have gained extensive critical insight on work-site safety from unions, first responders, safety and project managers at companies like Skanska and NCC, but most importantly - by talking to construction workers about their needs.

Brinja's unique safety concept is aimed at dramatically increasing safety.

Every second counts in the event of an emergency that requires work site evacuation. The Brinja team has developed a highly robust, early warning system that enables any employee to alert coworkers across the site. Employing an easy-to-use app, everyone on the construction site can be alerted through a text message and app notification that instructs employees to evacuate. In addition, the unique Brinja solution includes a hardware installation that direct lights on the construction site to flash when an alert is initiated, as well as enabling a siren-like traditional fire alarm sound.

When it comes to safety, providing high performance solutions is essential to the value we create for our customers.



The Brinja Core, the essence of our solution, is the hardware core connected at the customer construction site. It enables control of the construction site lighting system in the event of an emergency and contains a siren - activated should the site needs to be evacuated.

The Brinja Core also contains sensors to monitor air quality, a key feature which will notify site workers to place masks on before air quality becomes hazardous.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 22.29.00.png

Demo video done together with one of our customers that simulates an evacuation, in case of a fire.


The Brinja Wearhub is a personal safety device developed by the Brinja team of specialists. Worn on the work-site helmet, The Wearhub ensures all staff members are connected to the Brinja emergency alert system, always. In addition, the Brinja Core constantly monitors the work site for exposure to sound, dust and toxic gas levels. The Core sends an alert to workers via their Wearhubs, should sound and dust reach critical levels.

The personal safety device from Brinja also features a unique fall detection system that ensures users can easily get help in the case of a fall.

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Hardware Lead


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Niklas Gren
Product Design




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Jonas Sandberg, Chairman


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